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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 03:37pm on 30/12/2016
Just back from collecting Rob and his new velo from Newcastle ferryport this morning. I stayed up there overnight to make life easier and yesterday, I reached the Angel of the North just as dusk was falling...

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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 08:53am on 15/12/2016
So, Rob went to the dentist yesterday, had a filling and *now* has toothache.

I may be wrong, but I rather thought that was supposed to work the other way round....
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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 11:16am on 11/12/2016
There seems to be a competition on as to who can produce the most dirgelike version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

I'd say Michael "Monotone" Buble is winning over Lady Antebellum at present.

I'm just waiting for Coldplay to wheel out a *really* depressing rendition now....
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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 08:59am on 11/12/2016
Rob's colleagues have asked if I'll be making them some mince pies again this year. Not sure if they're keen or fearful ;)
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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 08:31am on 11/12/2016
Huge crash in the kitchen at about half six this morning.

Downstairs to investigate and there's the teapot - the *Denby* teapot, mind - on the floor and a rather subdued Rebus. Normally he's rubbing round my ankles in anticipation of breakfast first thing in the morning, but today he was into the lounge and observing from a distance, even before I saw what he'd done and called him a rude name.

Astonishingly, the pot itself was intact, but the lid was in a Several of pieces. I swept those up and then went to give Rebus a cuddle - we've got three or four teapots but only one cat, after all.
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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 03:42pm on 04/12/2016
On Friday we drove up to Caerlaverock Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust for a short break - just overnight, coming back on Saturday. The main thing we went to see were the Whooper swans which migrate here from Iceland for the winter, but there were plenty of other birds too.

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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 07:44pm on 25/11/2016
Ironically enough, the best pictures I took at the zoo today were the ones of the wild birds ;)

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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 12:21pm on 03/11/2016
October's books.

As ever, books read aloud to Rob marked with an asterisk

215. The House at the End of Hope Street by Menna van Praag
216. Boundary Born by Melissa F. Olsen
217. The Secrets of Wishtide by Kate Saunders
218. The Medium by C. J. Archer.
219. Guidebook to Murder by Lynn Cahoon
220. The Last by Michael John Grist
221. The Lost by Michael John Grist
222. Songsmith by Andre Norton and A.C. Crispin
223. The Paladin Caper by Patrick Weekes *
224. The Least by Michael John Grist
225. Jeremy and Amy by Jeremy Keeling
226. The Miser’s Sister by Carola Dunn
227. Finder by Emma Bull
228. Ginnie Come Lately by Carola Dunn
229. Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews
230. The Man in the Green Coat by Carola Dunn
231. The Victoria Vanishes by Christopher Fowler*
232. Killing at the Carnival by L.A. Nisula (81 pages)
233. Firestorm by Rachel Caine
234. Lavender Lady by Carola Dunn.
235. Sword-Maker by Jennifer Roberson
236. Slash and Burn by Colin Cotterill*

The Secrets of Wishtide was a pretty good historical mystery with a female detective - I hope to see more books about her.
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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 02:56pm on 18/10/2016
Popped over to the zoo last Thursday. here are a few pictures.

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posted by [personal profile] cat63 at 06:33pm on 15/10/2016
Given the issues with the Note 7, Samsung might want to change the music on the tv ad
for the S7 Edge to something other than Charles Trenet's 'Boum'......


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